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Sales Development
We increase your sales abroad by identifying new opportunities, contacting new potential distribution partners on your behalf, managing the existing ones and creating new distribution networks. We find and manage agents, distributors, wholesalers and partners for the distribution of your products abroad.
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  • CUSTOMER ANALYSIS Analysis of company turnover, measurement of inactive customers and dynamic follow-up.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF SALES NETWORKS Sales network support, internationalization and sales network overhaul.
  • REPRESENTATION ABROAD Management of international markets to improve sales development and to maintain relationships with international partners.
  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Analysis of product attractiveness to support production competitiveness.
  • APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING Scheduling and management of meetings with customers around the world.

  • PROSPECT GENERATION Generation of a continuous flow of quality contacts.
  • TELEMARKETING Cold-calling and telemarketing activities, both inbound and outbound, aimed at decision makers in businesses.
  • PROSPECT MANAGEMENT Use of professional CRM tools to continuously manage contacts and maximize the chances of success.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE Telephone calls to provide effective and continuous after-sales services.
  • ORGANIZATION OF EVENTS AND MISSIONS B2B meetings, business missions, events to bring together supply and demand.

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Market Research and Contact Lists
We conduct market research to choose the most profitable foreign markets, develop the most suitable marketing strategies and identify the most profitable sales channels.
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  • SECTOR ANALYSIS A key tool to support investment decisions.
  • COMPETITION ANALYSIS To explore the competitive conditions of the target operating segment.
  • LEAD GENERATION To build, contact and follow up lists of pre-qualified sales leads.
  • PATENT SUPPORT To check for prior art and the patentability requirements of a product or procedure.
  • BRANDING AND POSITIONING To define branding and positioning strategies.

Strategic Marketing, Digital Marketing and Brand Identity
We design and implement strategic and digital marketing, branding and communication activities to maximize your sales and visibility levels.
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  • PLANNING AND SCHEDULING We plan, schedule and organize business activities to maximize results and build a competitive advantage
  • WEB DESIGN Development of professional websites with a unique design and content suitable for the customer’s business.
  • E-COMMERCE Development of clear and direct online sales systems, featuring safe and reliable transactions and purchases.
  • WEB ADVERTISING Development of advertising campaigns to make the product or service visible to millions, using the main search engines and their partner sites.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA Creation and management of accounts or company pages on the main Social Networks, as companies implement strategies to involve and engage their targets through innovative techniques.
  • SEO Optimization of websites, portals and e-commerce solutions for improved SEO positioning in the main engines, such as Google and Bing.
  • BRAND IDENTITY Having a consistent corporate identity means having a set of features that identify the company’s way of being and behaving.

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Investment Opportunities
We support new business ideas for you by planning and looking for investment opportunities. We prepare materials for presentations to investors for you and with you, and we plan development strategies and support you in negotiations to help you achieve your goals.
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  • BUSINESS PLAN EDITING Transforming project ideas into a business plan complete with objectives and the main operational activities.
  • ELEVATOR PITCH A short description or presentation aimed at demonstrating your determination and clear ideas.
  • FINANCIAL RESEARCH Support in the search for financial partners to implement a business project.
  • NEGOTIATION SUPPORT We aim to be your partner for the drafting and management of any agreements or conclusion of contracts.

Organization and Financial Facilities
Plans of intervention aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes with a focus on production, logistics and purchasing. We help you cut unnecessary costs, optimize in-house and external resources and manage business development projects.
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  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT We help define and manage industrial projects.
  • OPERATIONS We conduct analyses and develop plans to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.
  • BUSINESS PROCESS REENGINEERING We reorganize internal systems and processes for performance development.

  • COST OPTIMIZATION we help you achieve greater profits through improved management of costs and suppliers.
  • FUNDS, AGREEMENTS AND INCENTIVES Research, drafting and management of projects to access public funds.
  • RESEARCH FUNDS, TENDERS AND FINANCIAL FACILITIES Assistance in the search and in the management of calls for tenders, concessions and public funding to support your investment activities.

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Translation and Localization
Professional multilingual translations adapted to local cultures and specific industries to facilitate international transactions.
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  • PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATIONS Fast turnaround and low costs for your technical documentation and marketing materials.
  • INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC Content is translated with great attention to language, culture and content, for each target area, making sure to maintain effective communication and to reflect the company’s personality and tone of voice.
  • INTERPRETING Proficient, highly qualified professionals with expertise in each area of work.
  • LOCALIZATION Content is adapted to meet the cultural expectations of the target market.

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